The producing of pellets is one of the most dynamic and growing business in Bulgaria and Europe.     Continuously growing interest in this product from wood treatment prompted most companies to acquire their technology waste without carrying about their quality .     Priority number one for our company Eco Bio Pellet is producing 100% environmental friendly product with the highest quality made only from areas peeled  wood .    Our main object in the design and  the start of the project was to achieve the production of high quality pellets meeting all European standards using equipment from leading European manufacturers considering the available resources of the region .                                                                                                                                                                                                                               The result of our technology are wood pellets meeting the standards DIN +, EN +A1. In the manufacturing we use industrial round wood . The Achievement of the project was challenging , but through our technology we use we have made full success of using both resources and production and process waste used for heating without releasing exhaust gas emissions and the use of additives and adhesives.       One of our main advantages is using techonology that is 100% waste free and environmental friendly.                                                      Guarantee of the high quality finished product are the technology and automated process for managing to minimize the influence of the subjective factor in the production.